United States/State boundary relations

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See United States/Boundaries for information about boundary relations in the United States.

See United_States_admin_level for information about admin_level=* values in the United States.

State and territorial boundary relations
State or territory Relation
Alabama relation 161950
Alaska relation 1116270
Arizona relation 162018
Arkansas relation 161646
California relation 165475
Colorado relation 161961
Connecticut relation 165794
Delaware relation 162110
Florida relation 162050
Georgia relation 161957
Hawaii relation 166563
Idaho relation 162116
Illinois relation 122586
Indiana relation 161816
Iowa relation 161650
Kansas relation 161644
Kentucky relation 161655
Louisiana relation 224922
Maine relation 63512
Maryland relation 162112
Massachusetts relation 61315
Michigan relation 165789
Minnesota relation 165471
Mississippi relation 161943
Missouri relation 161638
Montana relation 162115
Nebraska relation 161648
Nevada relation 165473
New Hampshire relation 67213
New Jersey relation 224951
New Mexico relation 162014
New York relation 61320
North Carolina relation 224045
North Dakota relation 161653
Ohio relation 162061
Oklahoma relation 161645
Oregon relation 165476
Pennsylvania relation 162109
Rhode Island relation 392915
South Carolina relation 224040
South Dakota relation 161652
Tennessee relation 161838
Texas relation 114690
Utah relation 161993
Vermont relation 60759
Virginia relation 224042
Washington relation 165479
West Virginia relation 162068
Wisconsin relation 165466
Wyoming relation 161991
District of Columbia relation 162069
American Samoa relation 2177187
Guam relation 306001
Northern Mariana Islands relation 306004
Puerto Rico relation 4422604
United States Virgin Islands relation 286898
United States Minor Outlying Islands† relation 2185386

This CSV file contains OSM relation IDs as well as Overpass 'area IDs' (which are OSM relation IDs + 3600000000)

• Note: Coastal states may not have all their islands included in the boundary relation.

† Note: Strictly speaking, USMOI is not an administrative boundary, it is a statistical grouping of eight Pacific Ocean islands or island groups and one island in the Caribbean Sea, each of which is a territory. However, it is convenient, as all are grouped into a single relation. These islands are uninhabited, except for several score of non-permanent federal personnel and support staff on three islands (Midway's Sand Island, Palmyra and Wake).