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Useful combination is a term which is often used on tag description wiki articles either in the body text or in their right-hand info boxes. There some options to get detail information about such kind of statistics:

  1. Using the Taginfo database
  2. Using a Overpass turbo query

Examples: Searching of Useful combination data for information=map (by the Taginfo database) / for water_source=pond (by a Overpass turbo query)

  1. Taginfo database for information=map:
  2. Overpass turbo query for water_source=pond: [1]

try it yourself in overpass-turbo
for ->.per_key(keys())
   ( make info cnt=per_key.count(nwr),key=per_key.val,val="*";
   for .per_key(t[per_key.val])
     ( make info cnt=count(nwr),key=per_key.val,val=_.val;
for .result(1000000 - t["cnt"])


  1. drolbr: Taginfo alternative. Community Forum, 2023-10-25 online