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I live near Belgorod, Russia.

My OSM page is here.


Mapping Equipment


  • Asus eee pc 900 (Windows)
  • GlobalSat BU-353


  • Russa for viewing maps and recording tracks.

To make map for Russa:

  1. Download osm file from here using script below.
  2. Convert osm->mp using osm2mp script (link to exe version at bottom).
  3. Convert mp->rus using GPSMapEdit.

Some converted maps from OSM.

  • Gpsbabel for converting mps tracks to gpx format.

Useful Links

Wiki Editing

WikiProject Russia


Forum users: Russia

Track upload

OSM download

Script for Belgorod region download:

<osm-script timeout="300">
  <bbox-query n="51.5" s="49.7" e="39.3" w="35.3"/>
  <recurse type="node-relation" into="rels"/>
  <recurse type="node-way"/>
  <recurse type="way-relation"/>
<print mode="body"/>