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Albin Larsson
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Abbe98 thinks Orienteering is the best sport in the world.
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Currently living in Nyköping where I studding Elite Orienteering and Technology(Media and Information). I spend most of my free time(Orienteering does not go into "free time") on maps(by various shapes and standards) and programming. You can read about it over at my blog.

Public domain
All my contributions to OpenStreetMap are released into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible, I grant anyone the right to use my contributions for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

Some OpenStreetMap/Mapping Related Projects


Currently working on making OpenStreetMap the best map over Nyköping, during the fall 2014 all roads/road names was completed. Buildings is added time to time nowadays.

Auto Generated Orienteering Maps

I'm making auto generated sprint orienteering maps(ISSOM) using OpenStreetMap and CartoCSS.


BildPlats is another crowdsourcing web application I'm developing. It fetches photos taken in unknown locations from the Swedish National Heritage Board and allows you to geo tag them. It comes with a public API so the data is available for all.

You will find more information and source code here.


Over at OpenHistoricalMap I'm running several mapping/visualization projects.

Still my main contribution to the project is the new custom instance of the iD editor. Find out more about it here.

Flodafors Sprint Orienteering Map

During August I have been mapping Flodafors(Sörmland Sweden). The map is made for the Short/Sprint Orienteering Club Championships(Katrineholms OK) in September.

Scale: 1:3000

Elevation: 2.5 meter

Himlinge Åsen Sprint Orienteering Map

My current orienteering mapping project is located near Himlinge(Sörmland Sweden), it features a 2km area along a ridge in Himlinge Åsens nature reserve. The unique area sadly requires minor deviations from ISSOM.

Scale: 1:2500

Elevation: 2.5 meter

Some Mapping Related Software I Use

  • JOSM
  • Overpass Turbo
  • iD
  • OpenOrienteering Mapper
  • OCAD
  • TileMill
  • QGIS
  • OSMTracker for Android
  • Mapillary
  • GPSBabel
  • InkScape
  • Google Earth Pro

Mapping Related Writing