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Adam Franco.
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A software developer since 2002, Adam Franco primarily focuses on web applications written in PHP, Javascript, and Python while also writing a smattering of software in other environments and languages.

In the geography space, Adam is the author of the Curvature program which analyzes the geometry of highways in the OpenStreetMap data-set to detect curves and ranking each segment based on how many curves there are. The highways are then filtered to include only the most twisty segments in the output. Additional filtering is done to exclude segments marked with surface tags that indicate that they are unpaved. The resulting highways are combined into color-coded KML/KMZ files that can be opened in GoogleEarth or other programs for viewing.

Initially getting into OpenStreetMap by adding road-surface tags so that Curvature can better filter out dirt roads, Adam has gotten totally hooked now finds himself improving the map in many ways, from adding trails, land-cover, tweaking road alignments, and more. :-)

When not creating virtual systems Adam enjoys designing and creating things in the physical world — from wood furniture to photography. When his mind tires of the creative process Adam focuses his energies on Aikido, cycling, motorcycling, skiing, as well as other out-of-door pursuits.