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About Alex Rollin

What if everyone on the planet could have a "middle class lifestyle"? What would that mean for the planet, and what would that lifestyle look like? Here are some of my ideas:

  • Cold and hot drinkable water on tap
  • Electricity to 2000W from a renewable source
  • Right-sized living spaces
  • Sustainable food, health, and education systems
  • Public Transport

OSM is a big part of the solution. Maps show us visually where we are, how we fit together, and provide us with a common cassavas upon which we can "paint" our dreams for the future. Maps also show us that the global and the local are connected; working together on solutions makes more sense when we can see the connections.

Thank you to everyone who is part of OSM. Making the map, the tools, and the entire ecosystem work. OSM is truly one of the great works of in all of history and mankind.

Current Needs

  • Task Manager Access for mapping projects for Routes



Alex's Mapping Work

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Bogor is a neat little place.

lat="-6.6069" lon="106.8049" z="12"

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