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Indonesia, Asia
latitude: -1.1, longitude: 119
Browse Indonesia map 1° 6′ 0″ S, 119° 0′ 0″ E
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Indonesia is a country in Asia at latitude 1° 6′ 0″ South, longitude 119° 0′ 0″ East. Welcome to OSM Indonesia!

Let's join forces and create a complete, accurate and useful map of Indonesia.

Available maps

  • Bandung (Browse Map)
    • most streets and highways are covered
    • lots of pois registered
  • Bengkulu (Browse Map)
    • First streets are there. Hopefully finished after Idul Fitri (Thanks Hendriex_s)
  • Bogor (Browse Map)
    • Many of the main streets, street names needed
    • Residential streets needed
    • Distinctions between canals, streams, and walking paths needed.
    • Features needed
  • Denpasar (Browse Map)
    • already a lot of streets and the airport, most of streets without names yet
  • Depok(Browse Map)
  • Jakarta (Browse Map)
    • mostly covered
    • Firman Hadi is currently working on it. Finished most of the primary and motorways. The residential streets remain to be done
      • Impressive work! --Indomapper 13:50, 10 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Kupang (Browse Map)
  • Padang (Browse Map)
  • Purwokerto(Browse Map)
  • Semarang (Browse Map)
    • started from scratch in February 2008 by Indomapper
    • tracing Yahoo Aerial (highways, main streets, railways, rivers)
    • most streets have names
    • will continue in August as I'll be there for a month (hopefully including Karimun Jawa) --Indomapper 13:50, 10 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Surabaya (Browse Map)
    • tracing yahoo aerial for same items as above, working with personal knowladge and photos for street names.
    • ill be buying a gps unit at some point and will map out my yearly travels to surabaya as they happen.--Jerjozwik 21:59, 6 June 2008 (UTC)
    • Great! I used a GPS logger Holux M241 for my last travel, it worked great in combination with BT747 for downloading the data.--Indomapper 09:24, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
    • have been back in indonesia for a week, will be here for two more. I've been gps tracking and logging points of interest. Most poi's have been added to the OSM, but gps traces will have to wait till i return home. will also be headed to prigen an bromo.--Jerjozwik 06:28, 2 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Surakarta (Browse Map)
    • Compare to [1]
  • Yogyakarta (Browse Map)
    • big streets and railroad to Solo
    • Need some improvement here regarding junction, POI and building

Need volunteers

Tagging convention

Here are some tagging conventions for Indonesia. Any suggestions are welcomed.

  • See boundary=administrative for information about how to tag government districts (boundaries).
    • admin_level=4 - Province (Provinsi)
    • admin_level=5 - City / Regency (Kotamadya / Kabupaten)
    • admin_level=6 - Subdistrict (Kecamatan)
    • admin_level=7 - Village (Kelurahan / Desa)
    • admin_level=8 - Community Group (Rukun Warga)
    • admin_level=9 - Neighborhood Unit (Rukun Tetangga)
Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
highway motorway Way Jalan Tol (toll roads) Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png Motorway-photo.jpg
highway motorway_link Way Jalan Tol Link Rendering-highway motorway link.png
Dscf0242 600.jpg
highway trunk Way Jalan Nasional (national roads)
Rendering-highway trunk L3005 MF.png
Dscf0444 600.jpg
highway trunk_link Way Jalan tautan yang yang mengarah dari/ke Jalan Nasional menuju/ke jalan yang sama atau jalan dengan kelas jalan yang lebih rendah. Rendering-highway trunk link.png Trunk link.jpg
highway primary Way Jalan antar kota provinsi, Jalan Arteri Primer, Jalan Provinsi - Jalan utama dalam kota, Jalan Arteri Sekunder Rendering-highway primary neutral.png Primary-photo.jpg
highway primary_link Way Jalan antar kota provinsi, Jalan Arteri Primer, Jalan Provinsi - Jalan utama dalam kota, Jalan Arteri Sekunder - Link Rendering-highway primary link.png
highway secondary Way Jalan antar kota kabupaten, Jalan Kolektor, Jalan Kabupaten Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png Meyenburg-L134.jpg
highway secondary_link Way Jalan antar kota kabupaten, Jalan Kolektor, Jalan Kabupaten - Link
highway tertiary Way Jalan antar kecamatan, Jalan Tersier Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png OHZ-K28-Bergedorfer Str.jpg
highway residential Way Jalan perumahan, Jalan Lingkungan dalam kota Rendering-highway residential.png Residential.jpg
highway service Way Untuk jalan akses ke, atau dalam daerah industri, perkemahan, kawasan bisnis, parkir mobil, dll. Bisa digunakan dengan service=* untuk mengindikasikan tipe kegunaan dan dengan access=* untuk mengindikasikan siapa yang bisa menggunakan dan dengan tujuan apa. Rendering-highway service.png Alley.jpg
highway track Way Jalan Lingkungan. Cek tracktype=* Rendering-highway track.png Frühlingslandschft Aaretal Schweiz.jpg

Kalau tidak tahu bisa memakai pengerasan atau tidak pengerasan

  • Pengerasan (Paved)
  • Tidak Pengerasan(Unpaved)

Kalau tahu lebih detail bisa cek di Key:surface

building Area
  • hunian (residential)
  • komersial (commercial)
  • kantor pemerintahan (government office)
  • ruko (residence with shop)
  • sekolah,toko,fasilitas medis (medical facility)
  • hotel/penginapan,gudang (storage)
  • industri (industrial)
  • fasilitas keagamaan (places of worship)
  • gedung serbaguna (multipurpose)
  • tembok dengan penguat beton bertulang (reinforced_masonry)
  • rangka beton bertulang (confined_masonry)
  • tembok tanpa penguat beton bertulang (unreinforced_masonry)
  • kayu (wood frame)
  • tembok berplester (plastered)
  • Ilalang (Weed Roof)
  • Seng (Zinc Roof)
  • Asbes (Asbestos Roof)
  • Genteng (Tiled Roof)
  • Bambu /Bedeg (Bamboo)
  • Tembok Setengah (Half Wall)
  • Tembok (Stone wall)
  • Kayu / Papan (Wood / board)
  • Tanah (Ground / Soil)
  • Papan (board)
  • Plester / Semen (Cement)
  • Tegel (Tekhel)
  • Keramik (Ceramics)
  • Bertingkat / Yidak (Terraced)
  • Jumlah lantai / Number of floors
  • Sangat Miskin (Very Poor)
  • Miskin (Poor / Bad Condition)
  • Sedang (Medium / Mid-Condition)
  • Kaya (Rich/ very good condition)
health_facility yes Way health_facility
  • PUSTU ( village Health center)
  • Polindes / PoskesDes (Village health Pos)
  • Tempat Praktek Bidan (midwife Pos)
  • Puskesmas (Community Health center)
  • Rumah Sakit (Hospital)
  • Praktek Dokter Umum (General practice physician)
  • Pos Obat desa (Postal village drug)
  • Posyandu (Integrated Health Pos)
    • Pratama (Primary)
    • Madya (Medium)
    • Purnama (Complete)
    • Mandiri (Independent)
amenity kindergarten Node Area PAUD/ Play Group / TK (Early education / Play group / Kindergarten)
Story Time.jpg
amenity school Node Area Sekolah Dasar (Primary schools) dan SLTP & Yang sederajat (Secondary schools) Node : Icon-amenity school.png
Area : Rendering-area-amenity-school.png
Williamstown school.jpg
amenity college Node Area SLTA & Yang sederajat (High schools) Node : College.png
Area : Rendering-area-amenity-college.png
amenity library Node Area Perpustakaan umum
Guantanamo captives' library a.jpg
amenity university Node Area Pergurunan Tinggi (University) Node : Icon-amenity university.png
Area : Rendering-area-amenity-university.png
Brock University campus.JPG
Air Minum dan Penyehatan Lingkungan
man_made=* Node
  • Sumber Air (Water sources)
  • WC Umum (Public restroom)
  • MCK Umum (Public Bath and latrine)
  • Sumur Bor (Artesian Well)
  • Sumur Umum (Public well)
  • Bak Penampung Air (Sump water)
Perkantoran (Government Offices and Official POIs)

amenity=* office=*

  • Pos Polisi / Polsek (Police Station)
  • Koramil (Military Post — Sub District level)
  • Kantor Pos (Post Office)
  • Kantor Kecamatan (Sub district office)
  • Kantor desa (Village Office)
  • Kantor Bupati (District office)
  • Pendopo (Audience hall)
  • Penjara (Jail)
Fasilitasi Publik di desa (Civic POIs at the village level)


  • Balai Desa / Tempat Pertemuan (Village hall)
  • Tempat Ibadah (Places of whorship)
  • Pasar Desa (Village market)
  • Lembaga Keungan / Koperasi / ATM dst (Financial institution)
  • Bak Penampung Air (Sump water)
  • Makam / Kuburan (tomb)
  • Pelelangan Ikan (Fish auction place)
  • Dermaga / Penyeberangan (dock / crossing)
  • Lapangan Oleh raga (Sport fields)
    • Lapangan Sepak Bola (Soccer field)
    • Lapangan Basket (basket ball court)
    • Lapangan Voly (volley ball court)
    • Lapangan Bulutangkis (Badminton court)
    • Tennis Court
  • Pos-Pos Keamanan (Security Pos)
  • Pos Pengaduan warga / CC (Complaint center)
  • Tempat Pembuangan Sampah (Landfill)
  • Areal Bermain / Rekreasi (Playground / recreational place)
  • Menara /Tiang / Tower
  • Tempat pengisian bahan bakar (Refueling Place)
  • Tempat hiburan / Bioskop / Sanggar (Place of entertainment / Movie)
  • Perpustakaan Desa (Village libraries)
  • Lapangan Pacuan Kuda (horse racing)
  • Jembatan Sungai (Bridge)
Batas Wilayah (Boundaries)
  • Batas Dusun / Kampung (Boundary hamlet level)
  • Batas Desa (boundary vilage level)
  • Batas Kecamatan (Boundary sub district level)
  • Batas kepemilikan tanah (boundary of land ownership)
Lahan/Guna lahan (Land)
  • Lahan pertanian (Agriculture Land)
  • Perkebunan (Plantation)
  • Peternakan (animal husbandry land)
  • Padang gembala (Plain)
  • Perikanan /Tambak (Fishpond)
  • Ladang garam (Salt Field)
  • Areal Hutan (Forest area)
    • Hutan Lindung / Konservasi (Protected forest / Conservation)
    • HTR (People forest plant)
    • Subtropic forest
    • HKM (Community forest Management)
    • HTI (Industrial forest plantations)
    • Hutan Keluarga (Family forest)
Kegiatan Ekonomi (Economic Activities)
  • Pangkalan Ojek (Motorcycle Taxis Base)
  • Pasar Tradisional (Traditional market)
  • Pangkalan kendaraan trandisional (Horse-drawn buggy base)
  • Furniture Home Industries
  • Industri Rumah Tangga (home Industries)
  • Perbengkelan (Machine shop)
  • Pengilingan Padi (rice huller)
  • Pemecah Batu (Stone huler)
man_made pier Way Tembok laut Usedom-Heringsdorf-Seebrücke-Mai2005.jpg

Tracing Aerial Imagery

This is the easiest way to quickly and effortlessly edit, fix or add map details, create new ways without having to drive around town with GPS logger and camera :-) So, what should we do? Just open, move the map to your hometown, click on Edit, register/login, and happy mapping!

NEWS!! Potlatch 2 (the newer standard map editor) now uses Bing aerial maps. Ebenezer from Australia hints that it has very good coverage for many cities in Indonesia. So don't wait any longer, go and map your neighborhood! If you have time, please complete the list of covered cities by Bing here.

Walking-Papers now LIVE! in Bahasa Indonesia

YES! You can check it out on Walking-Papers website ! Translated by: emirhartato and Vasanthi


The following users have been observed to contribute in mapping Indonesia:

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