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This article lists popular questions posed to me. Sorted by country.


National Roads

Main article: National roads in Greece
Question Answer
Where can I find the most accurate list of National Roads? Thanks to SkyscraperCity user ea1969, you can find the list here (correct to 24 June 2012).

Provincial Roads

Main article: Provincial roads in Greece
Question Answer
Where can I find the list of Provincial Roads? You can find the list of Provincial Roads from the Government Gazette of 8 February 1956 in this document at the National Printing House website (PDF file, 4.4 MB).
Why should I put highway=secondary on all Provincial Roads, regardless of the real size or importance? The Provincial road legislation from the Government Gazette of 8 February 1956 is still as legally binding as the B roads of the United Kingdom, so generally they must be shown if, of course, they still exist.[1]

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Islands that do not permit mechanically propelled vehicles, such as Hydra.
  • Highways that motor cars cannot use, at all.

It is worth noting that in parts of Scotland (United Kingdom), particularly in the Highlands, some of our A and B roads are single-track roads that have passing places at intervals. We can also apply this scenario to Greek roads, because both countries only upgrade roads to two lanes if it is economically feasible. For such roads, hgv=destination, lanes=* and lanes=* become useful, where hgv=destination implies that HGVs should not use it unless that is the only way to get to their destination.

I cannot simply change what is already fact, no matter how old it is, unless you voted me to replace Samaras.