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I am a naval architecture from Tehran, Iran.

My interests are mountain hiking, study of orometry, cycling and Persian literature.

Hiking is what made me meet OSM and like it. My user ID:4845403.

It looks hikers have not been as active as other groups in OSM. We should try to change it. Hikers would be best mappers of nature, if they have a GPS and pay attention to marks on the trek.

What I do

  • I translated "Hiking" wiki page to Persian (Fa) language (Fa:کوهنوردی). The structure of the page is independent from English page. It include all specific requirements for Persian hikers intended to map regarding the Iranian's mountain hiking culture and terminology.
  • I'm adding natural features of Iran mountains and hiking trails, gradually. I use gathered info during my mountain hiking programs, "gpx"es in the net and other verified references.

About me
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is a hiker.
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is a wiki translator.
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fa زبان مادری این کاربر فارسی است.
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