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I have an Garmin Vista HCx GPS, and I'm interested in using OSM on this Garmin device. Since I have a Mac, I'd also like to be able to use the maps with Garmin’s Mac software.

I wrote a small Python script that converts a bunch of OSM-derived .img-files and a tdb file to the format Mac uses, and Lambertus now provides daily OS X builds for the Netherlands.

This script and a GUI version are available via Gmapibuilder: It is not a replacement for Garmins MapConverter.exe, because it does not support all features of Garmin maps, it just knows enough so it can handle the files created by []Mkgmap|mkgmap]] - alternatively it shouldn't be too hard to patch mkgmap to produce the OS X format directly.

You can send me a mail or drop a message on my talk page if you have problems with this program.