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Travel time
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Bielawski
Tagging: type=travel_time
Applies to: relation
Definition: Tagging the time it takes to traverse a series of ways
Rendered as: None, to be used for routing
Drafted on: 2010-11-25
RFC start: FIXME
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


This is a proposal to tag the actual travel time along a series of ways at a certain point in time using a relation.


The maxspeed=* tag is unusable for accurate travel time estimation.



Key Value
type travel_time
bidirectional whether the time is valid for both directions, with no being the default
time travel time in minutes
mode one of the modes used in access=* tags
opening_hours when this travel time is valid, following the opening_hours=* specification except that points in time are allowed as well as intervals. Interpreted as the time when the trip starts.


Way or Node Role Recurrence? Comment
wayrelation path (role optional) at least one The path the travel time is defined for. All members must form a continuous line. Relations must be in one-way route relation format.
node from at most one If the path consists of only one member and the bidirectional tag is not present, a from member is needed to specify the beginning of the path. It may be omitted if the path member is oneway=*.
node stop any number If the mode tag allows public transit vehicles, these members specify the stops along the path for which the relation applies.



The relation, with tags type=travel_time, mode=motor_vehicle, time=9, and opening_hours=Su 10:00-20:00, models the motor vehicle travel time from node 11 to node 13 along ways 1 and 2 during the stated hours. Ways 1 and 2, in that order, without roles, are enough to tag this situation. Since there are no stop members, this relation represents the travel time stopping only at traffic signals and crosswalks.

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