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Mapping Orsa (Dalarna, Sweden)

Christoph Matthei
osm traces Karte
Land Sweden
Stadt Orsa
GPS-Gerät: Garmin Oregon 300.
OSM-Editor: JOSM.
I jump between 20 maps using mapJumper

Right now my main purpose is to map my home town Orsa (Dalarna, Sweden).

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de-N Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
sv-2 Den här användaren har medelgoda kunskaper i svenska.
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I am mapping with a Garmin Oregon 300. That's why, I am also very interested in building maps for Garmin. I am using mkgmap and Groundtruth for that. Because it is much easier, I am using most of the time the All-in-One-map. A great map for garmin devices. Groundtruth is as well my tool of choice to build contour maps for Sweden. Because DEM-data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) by NASA reach only till 60° N, I am using the data from viewfinderpanorama to create contour maps for the northern parts of Sweden. Those who won't build the contour lines self can download them at Just copy them on your Garmin device (the Oregon series can manage several *.img files after a firmware update last year) and you are done.

OSM Map for northern Dalarna

With help of the great program maperitive I could create a reasonable map for the northern part of Dalarna. I even seperate layers for contours and hillshading which can be laid over the normal OSM-maps.

Aerial Picture

Fortunately, I could get a good aerial picture from the local administration; I got the written permission to use the picture to enhance the OSM-data. To use this picture in JOSM I had to convert the projection format from EPSG:3021 to EPSG:4326. After that I had to set up a WMS-Server (using Mapserver). It took me a while, but now might I be of help for others, so just ask.

This user uses or has experience with a Garmin Oregon 300 and is willing to answer questions on it from OSM users.