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I am the lead scenery developer for X-Plane, a cross-platform flight simulator ( We are looking at OSM as a GIS data source for our scenery. This would let our users collaborate using existing infrastructure, leverage existing OSM data, and our users' changes would contribute to the improvement of OSM.

Right now we are looking at point features like antennas - this is a relatively simple case for us compared to roads.

I can be contacted at bsupnik at xsquawkbox dot net.

NHD Data Import

I am working with other users on the talk-us mailing list to streamline the process of importing/utilizing NHD data. The national hydrography data set is the highest quality free comprehensive water data that I know of for the US; since US vector water coverage in OSM is not complete, my goal is to make it easier for the OSM community to leverage NHD to improve the US.

A few weeks ago the USGS sent me the most recent NHD extract in shapefile form; I have converted the entire set of high-res layers to OSM format and posted them [here] - the files are organized by HUC_8 code.

I do not suggest utilizing this data immediately - please catch up on the latest NHD thread on the talk-us mailing list; we're going over quality control on the files and other conversion issues now. I will re-upload the data set once we have a better conversion key.

My hope is that RichardF and I will be able to set up a format whereby the data can be directly utilized by Potlatch2 so that editors can go to their local area, open the data, and start importing a vector background layer on an as-needed basis.