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The DPWH Road Signs and Pavement Markings Manual (Philippines) defined a system of national highways, each with its own number, just like the US's own system. However, unlike the US system, the Philippine system has never been officially implemented, as far as I know, in any part of the Philippines.

The only defined system for highway numbers in the Philippines has been designed by the US as well, as can be seen in maps from the US Army Map Service. Example map Since that system is old and has not taken into account the highways that have been built after the production of this map, this document proposes a numbering system for highways in the Philippines.

NOTE: The shields below do not necessarily conform to the specifications of the Road Signs and Pavement Manual.

Old numbers

These numbers are adopted from the original numbering system.

  • 1 - National Highway south of Manila
  • 3 - National Highway north of Manila (MacArthur Highway)
  • 4 - Cervantes Road (Ilocos Sur)
  • 5 - Cagayan Valley Road
  • 9 - Naguilian Road (Baguio City)
  • 11 - Kennon Road / Halsema Highway


The expressways have their own number space, and are signed with blue text and border instead of black.

  • E1 - North Luzon Expy
  • E2 - Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expy
  • E2A - Subic-Tipo Expy
  • E3 - Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expy
  • E4 - South Luzon Expy
  • E5 - Metro Manila Skyway
  • E6 - STAR Tollway

Other planned expressways and expressways under construction are to follow.

Asian Highway 26

Asian Highway 26 (Pan-Philippine Highway, AH26) is part of the Asian Highway network and is to be signed as such. It may be assigned with another number, e.g. 5 refers to the section in Region 2, while 3 refers to the section in Region 1.