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Improve Berry

During a weekend away in Berry NSW I found myself with too little details in and around to just add POIs via OSMAND+. So I decided to improve the map.

The beginning

I started with the map looking like this, that was end of March 2019: OSM showing Berry end of March 2019

At that time the LPI NSW Satellite images where still from Feb 2012, but high resolution.

Current status

As off 2019-05-06 I have added most houses, half of them have address details: OSM showing Berry early May 2019

I noticed that East of the David Berry Hospital the LPI NSW Satellite images are from 2018.


There are many things still to improve. Some I'd like to tackle are:

  • update Princess Highway and ramps once new images come available
  • update main strip (Queen Street) of shops with neater buildings
  • update train station
  • tag historic buildings

and last, visit Berry again to add POIs :-)