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My page

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I live in Dubai, UAE and I'm using Osmand+ for rounting.

I'd like to focus on improving the routing experience in Dubai/UAE.

My best practices

I'll try to list the tags I use the most including additional tags


The biggest challenge I see are the many lanes in UAE, often 4 and more.

Living areas

The missing of addresses used in other countries makes is difficult to map residential areas. Often street and area names are not clear - not thinking of house numbers at all.

Links to often used wiki pages


  • Lanes - set total # of lanes use turn:lanes:* turn:lanes turn = [ reverse | none | sharp_left | left | slight_left | merge_to_right | through | merge_to_left | slight_right | right | sharp_right ]
  • Surface of road: surface:asphalt - surface:paving_stones

less often used

OSM related Links

Other stuff

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