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Thoughts about Coffee

I like drinking Coffee. Here in Sydney Coffee is on almost every corner. A mixture of large and small, simple and crafy shops create the vibrant Sydney/Australian coffee scene.

Sometimes I don't feel like the usual FW or cap. Then I'd like to have a single origin Aeropress... But where to go?

extended Coffee tagging


  • espresso based drings
  • bean/roaster brand
  • organic beans? certified?
  • single origin
  • soy, almond etc. milk
  • re-usable cups
  • loyalty card/system/app
  • aeropress
  • coldbrew
  • brewed coffee
  • selection of beans
  • selling beans
  • selling reusable cups
  • roasting?
  • espresso machine manufacturer
  • papercups
  • plastic lids
  • carying tray
  • other cafe or locality related details
 * wifi
 * toiletts
 * outdoor seating
 * working people welcome


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