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My name's Charles Briscoe-Smith and I'm a self-employed techy-type running a small ISP and living in Raynes Park, SW20. Discovered (or possibly rediscovered as I think I heard about it a few years ago, thought "oh that's a good idea" and then promptly forgot about it again) OSM January 2008 thanks to the map viewer on my new Nokie N800 showing OSM data out of the box. Noticed a few errors in roads I know, and fixed them, and am now considering getting a Blootoof GPS thingy and having a go at doing some real mapping, probably in the spring when it's nicer for cycling. I need the exercise, too!

When I get started, I'm hoping to first survey my local area (probably most of SW20 in fact) and get the mistakes ironed out, and add some detail and POIs. Shouldn't need GPS for this, so I can start on it before I get one. After that, if I still have the enthusiasm for it, I'll get stuck into surrounding areas, I guess!


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