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Attending SOTM-EU 2011

I took part in State Of The Map Europe 2011 and was thrilled to meet so many other enthusiasts. Thanks for a great conference, looking forward to next year already.

Contributions and OSM activity

Currently working with

  • Detail mapping in my home town Göteborg, e.g. pedestrian network with accessibility tagging.
  • Mapping in Padang, Indonesia as part of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.
  • Wiki translation into Swedish.
  • Hosting humanitarian mapping meetup in Göteborg on May 9th, 2012.

Mailing lists

I am part of the accessibility, hot, legal-talk and talk-se mailing lists, which should give some additional information on the areas that interest me the most.

About me

When not night-time-mapping on OSM for fun and the greater good, I work professionally as an IT consultant in the fields of ITS and road data. Specialized in pedestrian networks/navigation and public transportation journey planning. Consequently, I find the interconnection of pedestrian networks and public transportation very interesting.

View on Public Domain

At first I opted to release all my contributions to the public domain. I have reconsidered, though, since I think the viral feature of the ODbL is a good way of maintaining the incentive to contribute for a lot of people in the community (including me). That said, I must admit that there are quite deep philosophical aspects to the choice between a ShareAlike or Public Domain path, and I will not dig down in a trench but focus on contributing to finding a way to maximize OSM's contribution to "the greater good", whatever that may be. :-)

As I work a lot with governmental agencies, I'm very interested in good ideas about how they could exchange data with OSM in ways that could benefit both parties without this leading to licensing problems. If you know of any examples where this has been achieved, please let me know.

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