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About me

Hi, my Name is Damian. I am studying Computer Science at the University of Dortmund, Germany.

Contributions to OSM


I am mapping my current living place Lünen, Dortmund and some parts of Essen, where most of my family live. I also mapped a part of the river Rhein, the Lippe (which flows through Lünen) and partialy the Ruhr. My girlfriend lives in Poland, so i will certainly map some parts of it too.


Im curently coding on the MapPaint plugin for JOSM.

Since cycling is a hobby and since Lünen states to be very bicycle friendly i started to contribute to the cycle layer on the dev server.

See Lünen for Cyclist here


I have written a small script to convert data from to osm, see UMP2OSM.

Other hobies

One of my hobbies beyond mapping is Geocaching, where i'm a member of the TeamPunto (the one in the middle ;-) ). Its quite easy to combine these two things, just turning on the GPS on the way to a cache, and uploading the track. To the other Geocachers: don`t forget to remove the important parts from the track ;-).

Currently i`m writing my Master`s thesis on "Extending and Paralelizing an assembly level model checker". Look at StEAM for more information.

Last but not least, look at Damian Sulewski at LS5 for further info. I work at the Chair for Programming Systems as a Research Assistant.


Lünen on the dev server

Dortmund on the dev server