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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Davetoo
Tagging: reservoir_type=evaporator
Applies to: area
Definition: For the natural evaporation of water to allow harvesting of

mineral concentrates

Rendered as: TODO
Drafted on: 5 August 2009 (UTC)

(note: #Formatting_notes explains the unconventional order of the following sections.)


Meaningful only in combination with landuse=reservoir.

Additional tagging/subtypes

Related features/examples thereof


We propose replacing the recent landuse=salt_pond with a second-level subtype of landuse=reservoir, i.e:

landuse=reservoir; reservoir_type=evaporator; precipitate=NaCl_salt


While NaCl salt evaporators are of ancient origin and by far the most prevalent, many use-cases would benefit from a heirarchy of different types of the common ancestor class "reservoir". Designing this heirarchy early-on will make the renderers more scalable/maintainable. Tactically, closer alignment with the US National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) schema will make the imported data more precise and useful; the USGS/NHD heirarchy is also eminently sensible for mapping (and scientific) purposes.
Mineral evaporators and chemical settling ponds are key features of many EPA Superfund cleanup site projects.



TODO: images from PD sources (USGS map standards).


As US Gov't publications, all three of the above are available for image snarfing to help create renderings.



Formatting notes

I have formatted this proposal somewhat differently than the norm, in something of an "upside-down" order. I've put what I think are the most important technical facts first, to more objectively describe the facts of the poroposal.