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Personal information is outdated. I'll update it when the time comes...

About me

I live in Pori/Finland. I spend my days at Satakunta University of Applied Scienses. I also visit Lavia often.


Major work

  • Pori (Map)
  • Lavia (Map)
  • AMD Phenom X4 9550 w/8GiB RAM - donating some spare CPU time to Tiles@home!
    • Scripts to workaround crashing Inkscape and
      • See mailing list thread
      • Download here
      • Beware! Fresh work, so bugs shall be found!

Minor work


  • TomTom One Scandinavia
  • Nokia N810 with Maemo Mapper (hopefully in time I'll start contributing in various projects...)
  • Nokia 6233 for mobile data

Nokia devices to be replaced by Nokia N900, once it gets out of the oven...