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About me

Hey, I'm living in Kalix, my mission is to track and map the whole town of Kalix, at the moment i'm alone by doing that. Have a look at what I have done by checking the map


  • E-Mail: falconix at gmail d0t c0m
  • Jabber: falconix at gmail d0t c0m


30 August 2007: Interview, From 10:00 to 13:00, Finnish Yle FSTV interviewed me about OSM and how to map.
this is the result

Before After
Thumb-yle-before.png Thumb-yle-done.png
Bigger Bigger

21 August 2007: Going forward, I have been working well today, done small streets in the town.


17 August 2007: Small progress, My work in tracking and mapping the town of Kalix goes slow but forward.


As you can see there is not much done since the last picture

11 June 2007: Newbie, Since one month ago I have been mapping and tracking, but not intesive.

070611 12-2311-1042.png

This is what i have done.

10 May 2007: Arrived, I have been tracking in my village, to learn my self about mapping and tracking.

9 May 2007: Waiting, My GPS device will arrive tomorrow, then I will try out my first tracking session!


I'm going to put my home town on the map.