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Owner: User:FrankVD

I'm a bot doing some useful but trivial tasks.


Project scorpion targets lakes/ponds.


Imagine a relation/multipolygon R. Ways A and B are part of R (outer), and they form together an area.

Now, if this area is indeed a lake, then R will be tagged:

  • natural=water
  • water=lake

Following these guidelines: Tag:natural=water, Key:water, we can see that:

  • A non closed way must not have a natural=water or water=* tag


That's the role of scorpion, it:

  • Deletes the natural=water tag if:
    • the way is not closed or the closed way is in ring 0 of the multipoly
    • and the way is part of a multipolygon with natural=water on it
  • Deletes the water=* tag if:
    • the way is THE outer boundary
    • and the relation has the same tag

Why ?

Well, firstly because:

  • some tags are not allowed on ways
  • it makes other people working on the data much more easily

So you delete wrong tags ?

NO. I only delete tags which are covered on a parent relation. It wont delete natural=water on non closed ways if these are not part of a natural=water relation, so there is no impact at all. Plus, Tag:natural=water states that Redundant tags should be removed from the way..


TODO: make algo for tag migration to multipolygon. (waterway=riverbank, …)