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This page is intended to become Imports/List of Dirty Imports later but I want to "try it out" for a while without it being dragged into the limelight by people adding categories etc.

The aims of this page are:

  • catalogue past, un-discussed, often buggy, (suspected) imports
  • find out about the legal status
  • delete/revert/redact the import, or coordinate clean-up with community

Not everything listed here is necessarily a confirmed dirty import; we may also list things that look like one but later turn out not to be.

Albania roads

Buildings near Rostov-on-Don, Russia

  • When: March 2012
  • Who: luiswoo
  • What: building footprints
  • Source: rosreestr - legal situation unclear. Buildings carry a strange "category" tag
  • Status:
    • 2017-11-08 commented on
    • 2017-11-09 mapper replied in changeset discussion that the building was traced from "photos", that "rosreestr" is source of address not building, that this address data was compatible with OSM before but not after the license change, that this address data has been used throughout all of Russia and the community is waiting for it to be relicensed in a compatible way, and that the "category" tag refers to the land plot not the building (even though tagged onto every single building). The building shapes however do not conform to current imagery so I requested clarification.

National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)


California FMMP

  • When: 2009
  • Who: nmixter / Eureka Gold (his import account)
  • What: Landuses
  • Where: California
  • Source: California Farmland Mapping & Monitoring Program (FMMP)
  • Notes:
    • 100 MB
    • Overpass:
    • Quality is OK, but same features may be classified differently between counties (orchards became farmland, etc.)

Kern County GIS

  • When: 2009
  • Who: nmixter / Eureka Gold (his import account)
  • What: Landuses
  • Where: Kern County, California
  • Source: Kern County GIS
  • Notes:



This was Pandora's box ...