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Public-images-osm logo.svg fire_station:type
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A key for defining the usage of a fire station Edit or translate this description.
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Status: draft

This is a page to try to make some sense of the fire_station:type-key.

It's almost exclusively used in Germany, Austria, France, Russia and soon Norway

German and Austrian use

fire_station:type Description clarification
occupation A "normal" fire station
concern A fire department in companies and institutions.

French use


Google translated the table so forgive the butchering of the language

fire_station:type Description clarification
CSP main rescue center
CIS fire and rescue center
CPI first response center
CPIi integrated first intervention center

Russian use


Google translated the table so forgive the butchering of the language

fire_station:type type of protection clarification
fpo federal (state) type of fire protection, financed from the federal budget
mpo municipal the type of fire protection created on the territory of the settlement in order to ensure the prevention of fires (prevention of fires), rescue people and property from fires.
vpo departmental parts serving a certain enterprise or sector of activities (for example, protection of railway transport). The maintenance of such enterprises is most often without contracts. Do not confuse with state units located territorially near large / city-forming enterprises.
chpo private parts created on a commercial basis, serving under contracts of certain persons (legal / physical).
dpo voluntary parts, staffed by volunteers, without an employment contract. Most common in rural areas
spo subject (state) type of fire protection, financed from the funds of the subjects of the state

Norwegian use

fire_station:type Description clarification
depot Storage of gear, perhaps a garage for a firetruck Used in places where the distance to a proper firestation is long
main_station The main station for an area
local_station Locally placed firestations, organised under a main_station

History and usage of the key

Fire station-type.svg

Suggestion for a worldwide use

fire_station:type type of protection clarification