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Gentoo overlay for OSM

I've created a portage overlay for my OSM ebuilds. I've found that the official Gentoo ebuilds are out of date, it can take time for updated ebuilds to find their way into the official portage tree, and the OpenStreetMap Overlay currently only has a few ebuilds in it.

I'm documenting my overlay here, in the hope that it may be useful to others.

The overlay contains the following ebuilds. The status on the right is as of October 2012. Some of this is in portage now - including my patch :) Mapnik 2.2 is also in portage. I have not tested it yet. This table will be updated 'soon'.

Ebuild Description Official OSM Overlay In Portage Status
osm2pgsql-99999999.ebuild osm2pgsql built from SVN, including pbf support Without pbf Without pbf Submitted
mapnik-2.1.0.ebuild Mapnik 2.1 with associated patches (one of them mine) No 2.0.1 Submitted
mapnik-world-boundaries-20120923.ebuild World Boundaries including all five datasets required by Mapnik 2.1 No 20090514 Submitted
mapnik-utils-9999.ebuild The collection of files found at No No -
mod_tile-9999.ebuild Apache module and rendering daemon built from SVN. Also installs the man pages and html. No No -

Ebuilds marked "submitted" have been submitted to Gentoo for inclusion in the official portage tree.

Using the overlay

This overlay is hosted in a subversion repository. Make sure you have subversion support, either by setting the subversion use flag globally in make.conf, or by adding the following line to /etc/portage/package.use

 app-portage/layman subversion

Install Layman

 emerge -av layman

Update layman.cfg

To use the overlay add to your overlay list in /etc/layman/layman.cfg like so:

overlays  :

Add the overlay

Refresh the list of available overlays, and add the 'geekasylum-osm' overlay as follows:

layman -f
layman -a geekasylum-osm

Note: The following may no longer be necessary with Layman-2 - but was needed at one time. You may or may not need to do this. I need to check and update this section. Important: If you have just installed layman, edit /etc/portage/make.conf (/etc/make.conf on older builds) to source the layman config. This must be done after adding your first overlay. Portage will freak out, if done before, and will ignore the overlay if not done at all. Follow the instructions provided by portage, and add the following to the end of make.conf:

source /var/lib/layman/make.conf

Updating the overlay

If you would like to commit new or updated ebuilds to this overlay (its just a standard SVN repository) please send me a message. I just need a username and a password that you would like to use (Make it a new password that you don't use anywhere else). Don't leave passwords on the wiki pages.

Together we can make this an up-to-date overlay for all of the OSM applications. The main advantage I see is that unlike the official portage tree and the OpenStreetMap overlay, this overlay is separate, unrestricted, and directly updatable, making ebuilds available sooner than they would be if submitted to the other repositories. We can pass them upstream, but while they are waiting to be added to the official repositories, they will be available here, for others to use.