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About Me
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Flag of Australia.svg G'day from Downunder

I'm from Sydney, Australia. Until I get around to writing a brief introduction, you can check out the one on my OSM profile page


Im currently working around my local area adding detail as I learn the various tags and things. I'm also adding detail in and around the Chullora Railway Workshops (a historic site) and the surrounding industrial area. The main goal here is to do the site justice, and to rebuild the disused rail lines to the industrial area, which I presume were obliterated by the recent redaction, since there is evidence that they were in fact there at some point.

After that its around the corner to Enfield yard, which needs a lot of love.

Theres some tricky areas around one end of the Sefton to Chullora goods line, and up the back of Enfield Yard which are not easy to see in the Bing images. I believe some of the track at Enfield has been lifted. Eventually I'll have to go survey it myself.

Recently, I've been working on the Illawara railway line, between Waterfall and Wollongong, realigning, tagging, and adding missing sections. There's still a few more broken bits, further south, around Kiama - I'll get to those soon.


I'm currently building a Gentoo Linux Virtual Tile Server to use in a special project that I have in mind. The VM is inspired by the one recently created by AndrewBuck on ubuntu. I'm making notes as I go and will probably move it to the main wiki when its ready.

Gentoo Overlay

I maintain my own Gentoo Overlay for OSM related Ebuilds. Anyone can use it.


I've been adding my knowledge to the OpenStreetMap Wiki in various places. In particular, I've set up a landing page and created categories for the Gentoo Linux Distribution, and I plan to continue to organise it in a similar way to the other distributions.

I keep new pages that I am working on in my user space until they're ready, but you can haz them below:

Work In Progress

Completed pages will be listed here