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This page contains all issues I encounter with JOSM. If they really bother me, then I create a ticket in the JOSM bug tracker.
To create a bug report for JOSM, click Help and then About in the menu bar and click on the link next to Bug Reports.

To see the list of my tickets in the JOSM bug tracker use this link.

List of my JOSM Tickets

Date Issue Ticket status
2012-11-15 Turnrestrictions won't accept "moped" as exception 8197 new defect
2012-12-07 can not delete public_transport relation
caused by incorrect preference setting which disabled privilege to delete relations
8264 closed defect
2012-12-07 unwanted "move" action 8265 new defect
2012-12-07 JOSM validator issues incorrect warning for "route" relation 8266 new defect
2012-12-07 JOSM validator does not recognize multilinestring relation
We can care for this when it is more popular
8294 closed enhancement
2012-12-26 JOSM crash during exit 8295


closed duplicate
(fixed in 5638)
2012-12-07 house number hidden when historic tag is added
Workaround: add custom style area[historic]:closed { text: auto; } or try reordering the JOSM Internal Style and Potlatch2 style
9062 new enhancement
2012-12-07 JOSM cache not managed 9063


closed duplicate
new defect
2013-09-20 sorting does not yield expected result for "street" relation 9089 new defect