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my preferences

Create routable Maps to use with Garmin Mapsource with Windows

my devices

  • Garmin eTrex Vista C
  • Garmin nüvi 765 TFM

my maps

  • Swiss Topo (v1.0)
  • Mapsource City Navigator Europe (v8.0)
  • Mapsource City Navigator Europe (v2009) on nüvi
  • Mapsource World Map (v4.0)

my mapping

  • Hotel Aldemar (peloponnes, greece) and environment [1]

my how to's

routable mapsoure maps

get actual osm file

Use an available file or extract a range from a larger one or get it with xapi.
To cut out a region I use osmosis with ploygon definitions from here [2]

prepare naming

I used a XSL-Transformation to filter the names of my prefered language (very usefull for countries with foreign character sets like greece, israel, ...)
my Priority is "name:de" before "name:en" before "name"
usage on windows: msxsl sourcemap.osm namefilter.xsl > destinationmap.osm

The name filtering can be done in a custom style for mkgmap. This is a direct approach without need of this extra step.
In the style file "options" make an entry like "name_tag = name:de, name:en, int_name, name"

use mkgmap

use splitter.jar to get smaller tiles
edit the target.args file built by splitter.jar to adjust IDs and mapnames (edit only once per map, use a renamed copy and update it if the number of tiles had changed)
used mkgmap options:
-c target.mymap.args
-- route
-- tdbfile
-- road-name-pois

register the map for mapsource

use a manual created mymap.reg file

my todos

  • create a JOSM plugin to draw a grid with specified coordinate-precision. Garmin map coordinates have restricted precision. So it is usefull to know what the resulting position will be while drawing small roundabouts or other details with small distances
  • use custom TYP file or style definition

my links