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I joined OSM in November of 2010, and I have been mostly mapping with Potlatch 2. I've found that I'm mostly editing in San Antonio, TX, but I will also work on realignment and TIGER fixes in other cities I've lived in.

You can see what I've been up to over here.

Projects I'm Involved In

  • Lighting the map [1]
  • Rivers, streams, drainage

Major Projects

Lackland Air Force Base

(In Progress)

  • Renaming, realigning, and privitazing roads (Mostly complete)
  • Realigining borders and boundaries (Complete)
  • Adding and naming buildings

Kelly Field

(In Progress)

  • Adding taxiways as per US Flight Charts (complete)
  • Adding aprons (complete)
  • Adding grass
  • Adding hangars and buildings

Fort Sam Houston

(In Progress)

  • Updating names from new Pentagon Emercency Repsonce Renaming protocol (Complete)
  • Realigning and privitizing roads
  • Realigning borders and boundaries (Complete)
  • Adding and naming buildings
  • Editing entry gates and road alignment

Problems in San Antonio

  • There are some major road alignment and level layering issues throughout the city, but downtown is especially plagued. There is a recessed river area that isn't mapped correctly, and I'll be working on this area as I can
  • Unmapped suburban development
  • Classification of Highways and Access roads (I've classified access roads as highway:secondary)