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Vitbot is a name for a collection of scripts that I use for managing Cycle Node Networks in Limburg (Belgium). It's written in OO PHP with classes from OSM Route Manager as a basis. Changes are made with the user-account vitbot. Please contact me if the bot induced errors which might need to be reverted, or if you seek other information regarding the bot.


2009-06-08 Removed [ref]-tags from route-connections around Tongeren. Associated changesets were: 1461982 (Visualise), 1461943 (Visualise), 1461928 (Visualise), 1455053 (Visualise), 1455045 (Visualise)
2009-06-13 Removed [ref]-tags from route-connections in Northern Limburg. Associated changeset: 1500456 (Visualise)
2009-06-14 Removed [network]-tags from all Nodes in Limburg. Associated changesets: 1508965 (Visualise), 1509044 (Visualise)