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ca Aquest usuari té com a llengua materna el català.
es-4 Este usuario domina el español casi tan bien como su lengua materna.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
fr-3 Cette personne peut contribuer avec un niveau avancé de français.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
About Me
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
Go Do Some Mapping Idrissi
prefers to go outside and map.
Hiker Idrissi
is a hiker.
ETrex20.jpg This user prefers a
Garmin eTrex 20
JOSM Idrissi submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
iD Idrissi submits data to OpenStreetMap using iD.
MAPS.ME Idrissi uses MAPS.ME
OruxMaps icon Idrissi uses OruxMaps, mobile map viewing & navigation app.

Translator Idrissi
is a wiki translator.