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Hi everyone!

My name is Iván and I am from the Canary Islands (a Spanish archipelago in North Africa coast). I am historian and a digital humanist in formation. Professionally, my main interest is the history, the interdisciplinary and the possibilities to apply to the new technologies following the principles of the free knowledge. In OSM, my main interest is the history too, in this case, the different ways we have to display the heritage in the a free collaborative map. Besides, I am vegan and (local/international) traveler, so I try to map vegan restaurants in which I have eaten. Of course, I am also interested in other issues, like accessibility and nature, but I make everything the time I have allows me.

Maybe in the future I will write something more about me and my work.

I speak Spanish and English, I understand Portuguese and I can speak with the help of a dictionary, and I can understand written French, Catalan and Galician, but I am not feel prepared to write in this languages. Of course, you can write me in your native language and I will try to understand translating the message, but I would answer you in English.

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Food services