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I started using OpenStreetMap in March 2009. I do some mapping in OSM around my hometown, and I do Orienteering maps as well. I am studying Computer Science at Uppsala University, Sweden and have done some applications using OSM. Usually I do my mapping when I am running using my Garmin Forerunner 305.

Things that I like with OSM:

  • It's free, and very open
  • Everyone can edit the map, like wikipedia
  • Very good scale at the highest zoom-level
  • Good editing tools

Things that I don't like with OSM:

  • Too many Map Features, I it's a mess. This makes it hard to do mapping and it looks really bad on the map.
  • The colors and design of the rendered map is really bad. That's one reason why I prefere Google Maps sometimes.
  • More details should be rendered when you zoom out. See Compare Maps