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Currently working on

IndoorOSM thoughts

Gradually evolving complexity:

  • simple node
    • node: shop=mall, name=Billa
  • complex node
    • node: shop=mall, name=Billa, addr:conscriptionnumber=695, addr:housenumber=73, addr:postcode=16000, addr:street=Evropská, addr:streetnumber=73, building=yes, loc_name=Billa, source:addr=uir_adr, source=survey, uir_adr:ADRESA_KOD=22291695
  • simple area
    • area: shop=mall, name=Billa, building=yes
  • area with shops
    • area: shop=mall, loc_name=Billa, building=yes
    • node: amenity=restaurant, name=Steakhouse
    • node: amenity=bank, name=ČSOB
    • node: shop=supermarket, name=Billa
  • + can add levels to shops
    • node: amenity=restaurant, name=Steakhouse, level=0
    • ...
  • + can convert shops to areas
    • area: amenity=restaurant, name=Steakhouse, level=0
    • ...
  • + can add main entrance to building
    • node (at vuilding edge): entrance=yes (entrance=main)
  • + can add entrances to shops
    • node (at shop edge): entrance=yes (possible level=x)
  • + can add corridors
    • way: highway=footway, tunnel=yes - the way connects building entrance and entrances to rooms. If you want to represent stairs from level=0 to level=1, split the way to tree consecutive parts:
      • way: highway=footway, tunnel=yes. level=0
      • way: highway=steps
      • way: highway=footway, tunnel=yes. level=1
  • + can add corridors as areas

Otázky: používat tunnel=yes? použít v středně komplikované fázi indoor=yes?