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I am currently improving the map in Vagnhärad, Sweden.

I had originally my plans written down here in very small detail, but over time I realized that most of it was rather too detailed, while parts of it was rather too fuzzy. I think it would still be good to have at least something written down about my approach in case additional people would be involved, so I will at least write down something here.

Basic plan

Mapping direction

I seem to have started mapping from the the northeast end, so I guess I will move on from that direction.

Mapping paths

  • Priority will be given to larger paths in areas between residential areas
  • Priority will be given to paths being part of the local walking route "Vagnhärad runt"[1] (Vanghärad around) Done
  • Needs to be done before snowfall[2]
  • Add to paths at least sac_scale=* and visibility=* tags, preferably also surface=*, and width=*.

Completing mapped roads

Mapping houses

  • Adding houses
  • Adding addresses
  • Can be done during winter

Refining existing features

Some parts of Vagnhärad that is already mapped have some issues, in particular in regard to tagging and geometry of roads and buildings.

Some of these issues have already been addressed, but there are more and some of them require leg work.


  1. A 5.5 km walking route maintained by Trosa kommun. Website: Vagnhärad runt
  2. Being in a subarctic climate, Sweden is snow covered for periods during winter. This can create challenges when mapping, both due to snow covering some features and due to wet conditions, in particular during spring. This will in particular affect mapping in forested areas, in essence outside residential areas and off roads.