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"Landgraben" in Karlsruhe, Germany

This is from a KVV (Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund) map from 2007 which used map data from "(c) 2003 Navteq / PTV AG / Map & Guide".

The marked street "Landgraben" exists but it is only a small service road with some parking spaces. It belongs to the "Kapellenstraße". There used to be an open ditch here called the "Landgraben", but is has long been closed. See [1]. This might be a case of Copyright Easter Eggs.


"Winzerallee" in Ettlingen, Germany

Google maps and TeleAtlas Maps show a "Winzerallee" in Ettlingen. In reality there is no street there, just a staircase going up the side of the hill. Its rather unlikely that that staircase is called an "Allee" ("avenue") so this is probably a case of Copyright Easter Eggs.

2007-06-08-teleatlas-ettlingen-winzerallee.png 2007-06-08-googlemaps-ettlingen-winzerallee.jpg