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I am born in Penang, Malaysia. I am currently editing Penang map. I am currently not in Penang, and I spend 75% of my time annually in Australia studying. I should be graduating this year with a Bachelor's Degree.

I do not own any GPS device, hence I only work with existing GPS traces uploaded by other people. I have a thing for perfection: precision and accuracy and thus I would like the map to be as clean as possible. Having said that I will validate and fix map whenever I can.

I will gladly help anyone who ask me to help map the area. As mentioned I can only work with existing GPS traces, fix major and minor errors, lay down ways and such tasks. I also have experience uploading PGS coastline data, and cleaning them up.

I use JOSM, with WMSPlugin, and the integrated Validator on Windows XP Professional. I have some basic experience of rendering map using osmarender (render-it-yourself), although the result may not be entirely satisfactory.

If you need to contact me please send me a message using the OpenStreetMap interface here.