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This is old stuff, it's silly and has no use. Kept only for historic reasons.

This is my attempt an a map style editor for the Mapnik map xml.

What it does

  • First loads a template osm.xml XML to a DOM bound to java beans mainly using XPath.
  • Then it normalize all use of colors in XML to hex RGB.
  • Then it extracts facet values from the XML.
  • User find matching symbolizers by selecting facet values.
  • Matching symbolizers are drawn in a new map to really show what they are.

Currently there is no edit function at user level! Programmatically it's something I already do, eg when rendering the map with matching symbolizers.


It's implemented in Java using Vaadin.



Initial screen. In behalf of rendering a map with matching symbolizers all matching symbolizers is the same as no matching symbolizers


Clicked on filter key facet value for [highway]

Matching symbolizers map rendered. An obvious bug is that water, text and a bit of other stuff still is rendered even though they are not selected. Why no streets are rendered at this point, that I do not know yet. They are supposed to.


Clicked on filter key value pair facet value for [tunnel] = 'true'

Now highways are displayed in rendered map for some reason.

Notice in filters that it is "and not [tunnel] = 'true'", so the facet values should at least also include prefixed logic to make more sense.


Ideas for future when bugs are fixed include

  • To be able to click on a pixel in the map to order colors by distance from selected color. (Perhaps gamma made it change in map compared to definition.)
  • Text style facets
  • Shield facets and perhaps even a small icon editor or something

Your comments and ideas

Please leave them here!