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If I'll decide to buy and build me one, then this is my wishlist.

item quantity price description
Flight-Ctrl 1 Contains the microcontroller and sensors needed to keep the QC airborne.
Pressure sensor 1 14.95 Accessory for Flight-Ctrl board. Helps to maintain altitude better.
BL-Ctrl 4 Brushless motor speed controller. Communicates with Flight Control via I2C.
Mosfet upgrade 2 14.90 Better mosfets for the BL-Ctrl to allow more power for the motors and lower heat dissipation.
Mk3Mag 1 Three axis magnetic (compass) sensor. Allows for straight flight.
ACT DSL-4top 1 44.95 Remote control receiver (35 MHz) with 9 channels.
More to come...
  • Price in Euro's per item