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Hi. Larry Gilbert here. How are ya. At this writing I live in San Diego, California, but I am an expat of the Pacific Northwest (having lived there for the first 39 years of my life).

Look me up on the main OpenStreetMap site and you can send me a message there if you like.



I recently found a cafe with these hours posted:

monday & tuesday 6-3pm
wednesday-friday 6-11pm
saturday & sunday 7-11pm

Pizzeria - Vineria
monday & tuesday CLOSED
wednesday-sunday 5-11pm

monday-friday 8-4pm
saturday & sunday CLOSED

Also, inside, it had signs saying that it would be closed after 3 pm on Sunday, February 3 "in observance of the Super Bowl."

This is the simplest (really) way I could find to represent this using Netzwolf's TimeDomain scheme:

Mo-Tu 06:00-8:00 open "Barcaffe", Mo-Tu 08:00-15:00 open "Barcaffe, Roastery", Mo-Tu 15:00-16:00 open "Roastery";
We-Fr 06:00-8:00 open "Barcaffe", We-Fr 08:00-16:00 open "Barcaffe, Roastery", We-Fr 16:00-17:00 open "Barcaffe", We-Fr 17:00-23:00 open "Barcaffe, Pizzeria, Vineria";
Sa-Su 07:00-17:00 open "Barcaffe", Sa-Su 17:00-23:00 open "Barcaffe, Pizzeria, Vineria";
2013 Feb 03: 07:00-15:00 open "Barcaffe", 15:00-24:00 closed "in observance of Super Bowl"

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