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This is a collection of notes about "organised editing" I participate in or lead. I intend to abide by the OSMF Policy, but not all activities listed on this page are subject to the policies. I map under the username LivingWithDragons, unless using an account specified on this page. Accounts used for purposes on this page, always direct back to my own account.

Mapping Workshops

2008-present I often run, or am asked to do the tutorial part of, mapping workshops and mapping parties. These may be focused on HOT/Missing Maps work, or they may be focused on a local area. I encourage participants to learn about OpenStreetMap in wide terms and not be restricted to what/where we are mapping in the workshop. I try to note down all usernames of attendees so that I can review their edits after the workshop.

I have the accounts DragonEgg00 to DragonEgg19, some of which have have been used by children during a supervised mapping workshop. I note of names using the account was kept for a few months, but this can not be shared due to privacy reasons. All edits were checked following the event. I take responsibility for these accounts.

UK Town Check

2019 OpenCage Data were expecting both a node and an area when they queried OpenStreetMap for a town(s), but they got inconsistent results. They had about 1400 town names in the UK that did not return a relation with a way. I was paid for a number of days work to go through the list and investigate/fix the inconsistencies. Part of this focused on ensuring there was a relation for a civil parish boundary (if it exists in real life) that has an admin_centre node (where there is a clear match on name and the only town in the parish. A lot of towns were skipped as it was not possible to match them to a parish or to match a parish to a single town.

  • Policy: Technically this does not come under the OSMF Organised Editing policy as only one person was doing the mapping.
  • Co-ordination: Gregory as the sole-mapper (OSM username LivingWithDragons).
  • Goal: Fix inconsistencies in data of UK town relations, where possible/appropriate.
  • Time-frame: Dependant on time required to complete.
  • Data-sources: OpenStreetMap, Bing, Orndnace Survey Boundary Line.
  • Accounts used: LivingWithDragons.

Changesets had comments similar to this one below, and always including #UKTownCheck.

Checking data and relations for towns for Norfolk. Adding admin_centre members. This changeset forms part of paid work to improve OpenStreetMap data. #UKTownCheck #OrganisedEditing

Initially unparished areas were added, but feedback from changeset comments and Talk-GB mailing list decided this was inappropriate. OpenCage Data are long term supporters of OpenStreetMap, and there they wished to help the database with this project. It also helped me get an overview of mapping in the country, and see how we still have a lot of places that haven't been edited in a long time other than by the occasional passing-mapper.