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About me

Todo/Open issues

  • Create a Garmin Map that routes over "nice" ways.
  • Avoid big and loud highways, prefere pathes


Software in use

Tips & Tricks

  • Querie the API
 curl --location --globoff*[name=einzelstueck][bbox=7.56,51.92,7.70,52.00]

gpsbabel usage examples

Garmin eTrex Vista with serial interface

 gpsbabel -t -i garmin -f /dev/ttyUSB0 -o gpx -F tracks.trk.gpx
 gpsbabel -w -i garmin -f /dev/ttyUSB0 -o gpx -F waypoints.wpt.gpx 
 gpsbabel -t -i gpx -f tracks.trk.gpx    -o garmin -F /dev/ttyUSB0
 gpsbabel -w -i gpx -f waypoints.wpt.gpx -o garmin -F /dev/ttyUSB0

GPSmap 60 csx with USB interface

download waypoints
 gpsbabel -w -i garmin -f usb: -o gpx -F waypoint.wpt.gpx 
download only new waypoints
 gpsbabel -w -i garmin -f usb: -i gpx -f waypoints.wpt.gpx -x duplicate,shortname,all -o gpx -F new.wpt.gpx
upload waypoints
 gpsbabel -w -i gpx -f waypoints.wpt.gpx -o garmin -F usb:
 gpsbabel -w -i geo -f geocaching.loc -o garmin -F usb:
upload track(s)
 gpsbabel -t -i gpx -f track.trwk.gpx -o garmin -F usb:

Usefull Filters

merge track and split by day
 gpsbabel -t -i gpx -f infile.gpx -x track,pack,split,title="%D" -o gpx -F tracks.trk.gpx
just split by day
 gpsbabel -t -i gpx -f infile.gpx -x track,split,title="%Y%m%d" -o gpx -F out.gpx
convert from route to track
 gpsbabel -t -i route.gpx -f gpx -x transform,trk=rte,del -o gpx -F track.trk.gpx
simplify track to only nnn trackpoints
 gpsbabel -t -i gpx -f big.trk.gpx -x simplify,count=500 -o gpx -F smaller.trk.gpx 
opposite from above, add points
 gpsbabel -i gpx -f track.trk.gpx -x interpolate,distance=0.2m -o gpx -F bigger.trk.gpx
convert trk to rte
 gpsbabel -i gpx -f track.trk.gpx -x transform,rte=trk,del -o gpx -F route.rte.gpx
only include points around a special location
 gpsbabel -i gpx -f waypoints.wpt.gpx -x radius,distance=50K,lat=52.0,lon=7.6 -o gpx -F some.wpt.gpx 
exclude waypoints
 gpsbabel -i gpx -f waypoints.wpt.gpx -x radius,nosort,exclude,distance=1M,lat=52.0,lon=7.6 -o gpx -F less.wpt.gpx
calculate course & speed
 gpsbabel -i gpx -f track.gpx -x track,course,speed -o gpx -F course-speed.trk.gpx
split track as soon GPS receiver moved 5m
 gpsbabel -t -i gpx -f in.gpx -x track,pack,sdistance=0.3k,split=5m -o gpx -F out.gpx 
convert to osm ( svn version only)
gpsbabel -i gpx -f tracks.gpx -o osm,tag="highway:motorway" -F ways.osm