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From time to time I copy the administrative borders of Luxembourg into OSM. As the legally available data is only coarse, this boarders should only be considered as a first approach.

I add also some minor details as well as some relations on the public transportation etc

Furthermore I correct the OSM based on "Keep Right" and "OSM Inspector".

Recently (2010/12) I have added some "status" columns in the Luxembourg OSM-Wiki [[1]].

I have started to create maps, which shows the status of the different projects (, WikiProject Luxembourg/Public Transport, WikiProject Luxembourg/Cycle Route Network). For rendering I use the data from the site Geofabrik. These data are imported with osm2pgsql to a PostgreSQL Database, where they are treated. Visualization is done with Qunatum GIS.

Some of my used Maperitive Codes are shown here: Loll78:Maperitive-Codes

Strassenliste Loll78:street_list