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My personal notes on the newly registered OSM-PH Local Chapter

What I want the Local Chapter should do

I believe the foremost mission of the local chapter is to support the free mapping activities in the country. Specifically,

  1. To provide "technical support" to existing mappers. However, it should not restrict any mapper to map whatever they want within their own spot.
  2. Support individuals/companies/organizations develop local (PH-based) applications out of the data. This can be in the form of linkages, technical support, mapping activities for a specific area. However, the local chapter should not compete with any individual/company/organization in "acquiring" contracts to develop services out of OSM.

Communications and transparency

  • All online discussions should be via the osm-ph talk list. In the future, a dedicated list can be created.
  • Documents should be in this wiki.

Org Assets

  • GPSTOGO units - should be turned-over to the LC as one of its asset. I need to communicate and request written approval of the OSMF. I am in favor of expanding the number of units through fund sourcing of the local chapter.

20100626 initial board meeting notes

Attendees - eugene, andre, rally, maning, bart, jc

Matters discussed

  • Maning designated as Vice-President
  • Membership
    • members are defined as those who support and vote for the activities that the osm-ph org will be undertaking in the future.
    • members do not have any additional privilege in editing or getting data from the database.
    • members maybe given priority to borrow gpstogo units but it is not for the exclusive use of members.
    • members can officially represent/engage with other entities provided there is prior consent from the org.
    • suggested annual membership fee - Php 500.00
    • org will formulate minimal membership rules.
  • Possible initiatives to explore
    • LGU partnership - for importing LGU data and assist in using osm stack within the LGU. Need to create a custom application for LGUs interested in using osm data.
    • Schools - target specific interest groups in schools (such as engineering orgs, outdoor clubs, etc.)
  • Administrative matters
    • a system for filing and updating org legal documents (annual reports to SEC, financial reporting, etc)
    • ao bank account is needed at the moment. This will be created once funds are available.
    • Enthropia donated domain to the organization
    • create an official business address and phone contact. A virtual office is also another option (
  • Funding support - org will actively seek funds in order to support the expansion of mapping in the Philippines. Funds can come from:
    • membership fees
    • donations
    • other schemes to generate funds such as some webmap services (rally's web-based forum).
  • Pending Tasks
    • Request to set-up a separate mailing list for org discussions (maning) - request initiated
    • Officially turn-over gpstogo units as org assets (maning) - seek permission/clarification to the osmf.
  • Issues/concerns raised
    • on making OSM-PH org as one of OSMF's Local Chapters - the LC discussion have stalled for several months already, it is agreed that as OSM-PH, we should proceed with continuing our plans even without the OSMF's LC "official endorsement". For as long as our initiatives are in-line with OSMF's general thrust, it should be OK.
    • Maning requested clarification as to the extent of fund sourcing by creating services out of osm data should the org do. It is his personal position that "the org should not compete with any individual/company/organization in acquiring contracts to develop services out of OSM.". The general agreement in the meeting is that, the org is allowed to create fund generating services for the purpose of supporting org goals of expanding mapping in the Philippines and not for profit.
    • Should we label the upcoming Cavite Mapping Party as an official org event?
    • Should we officially engage with group?
    • On enforcing license violations - it is clarified that the org is not the official license owner of the data, under the upcoming odbl license change, OSMF is the official owner of the full database. However, osm-ph org and the general community is encouraged to report license violations within the Philippines.