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This is an introduction to my test page, which demonstrates how to use some of the wiki formatting. Here we can use different techniques to make things bold, italic, or bold AND italic. Below we will demonstrate other things too!

Special Formatting

Sometimes I want to not use wiki formatting, so I can use tags like <nowiki> to get rid of the usual wiki formatting.

For example, to show something in bold you need to use triple apostrophes ('), like this: '''bold'''

Headings and Subheadings

We are using equal signs (=) to create headings of these different sections. See here how different headings look:

Heading 1

== Heading 1 ==

Heading 2

=== Heading 2 ===

Heading 3

==== Heading 3 ====


  • This is an item in a bullet list
  • more and more bullets!
  • yay!

  1. Or
  2. a
  3. numbered
  4. list

  • Or
    1. a combination
    2. of numbered
  • and bulleted


I can link to the Map Features page on this wiki easily using:

I can link to wikipedia easily like this:

And I can create external links easily too!


This is the caption for my example table
I am creating two rows, with two cells in each row. This means I will also have two columns.
I can add more rows, and more columns easily, using what I know about wikis