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It ( is personalized location analyzer tool for real estate websites.

It is our starting approach to make data useful to everyone by transforming it into a personalized and comparable form.

OpenStreetMap Data

We are using OpenStreetMap data in our calculations.

The main idea is showing the weighted average of calculated scores to users based on their preferences.

Scores are calculated in following main groups:

  • Transportation
  • Nature & Parks
  • Health & Safety
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Shopping & Entertainments
  • Education
  • Food & Beverage
  • Arts & Culture
  • Amenities
  • Distance to Undesirables
  • Places of Worship

Each main groups contains related sub-groups. We matched OpenStreetMap [Map Features] to these sub-groups.

Each subgroup has the following properties:

  • Max Score in the main group
  • Max Distance where the score is zero

You can check the main logic on this page: