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I am the founder and CEO of ENAiKOON GmbH, a telematics service provider based in Berlin, Germany. As an advocate of open source projects and a member of the OSMF,it is my goal to actively contribute to- as well as utilize the data made available by the OSM community. At ENAiKOON, we actively integrate OSM data to our commercial projects. The OSM map data is an integral part of our software. Many of our customers use this map on a daily basis for the most efficient dispatching of their fleets.

A more detailed overview of ENAiKOON’s services and solutions can be found on the webpage of ENAiKOON

We are currently working on the following OSM projects to further contribute and support the work of the OSM community.
• Improvements of Keypad-Mapper 3, the most effective and comprehensive smartphone app for mapping house numbers and addresses
• Implementation of the vector map service, based on Mapsforge, including related backend service for generating the map files
• Relaunch of OpenAddresses
• Integration of OpenStreetMap into the OSM partner project OpenCellID

My commitment to the OSM community goes far beyond any commercial interest. Below is a list of social projects which I spearheaded through ENAiKOON:
• Collection of all toll related geo-data for the German toll system: a project where ENAiKOON compiled and cross-referenced the Federal Highway Agency’s georeferenced list of all toll nodes free of charge and donated the data to OSM
• Integration of OSM into the new ENAiKOON web portal inViu web: free GPS tracking of Android smartphones (link redirects to the "demo" link!)
• Implementation of an OSM map into the free Android GPS tracking app inViu routes
• Implementation of TIREX: load balancer for the OSM tile server; provides fast and dynamic provision of tiles; the source code is available as open source here