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My Name is Marlon van der Linde, I reside in the outer areas of Cape Town (South Africa). I'm a 'free speech' fanatic, but love 'free beer' as well. I hope to be contributing (in time) to the offroad and off-the-tarmac areas, as I am also a GeoCacher and fond of exploring the remote areas of my country.

Areas Of Interest

  • Gravel/Dirt roads around the western cape, karoo (2010/2011)
  • Northern cape minor roads (later in 2011)
  • Namibia (a planned trip in the next year 2011/2012)
  • hiking trails, walkways, rural farm roads (2011)
  • points of interest (POI's) that everyone seems to ignore (like atm's and postboxes) (2010,2011)


  • Android (HTC Desire HD) with software
    • Locus
    • MyTracks
    • MapDroyd
    • GPS Averaging


  • Feet
  • MTB
  • Nissan Hardbody 3.0 16vTD

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